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Berry Bros. & Rudd Environmental Policy

Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd. is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

The Company will select the most environmentally-friendly path forward while maintaining high quality and commercial viability, and will aim to work with suppliers and producers who themselves demonstrate a clear commitment to pursue the same path.

Freight Import: fewer carbon emissions via greater freight forward efficiencies

Freight Export: fewer carbon emissions by minimising the amount of airfreight

Warehouse & Distribution

  • Greater energy efficiency: water, heating, electricity
  • Packing materials: re-use, recycle & reduce
  • Maximising the recycling of waste; minimising the amount going to landfill
  • Delivery vans efficiency: via fuel efficiency & fewer part loads

Wine Boxes

The smaller packs all used staples in the manufacturing process, these have now been eliminated.
The larger packs have been replaced with Kite’s ‘enviro-box’ grade which gives 2 fold benefits:

  •  the board is lighter than the standard grade material (hence uses less material)
  •  they take around 40% less space to transport – more per pallet – which means that fewer pallet movements are required.


The 6 bottle pack currently uses a plastic handle. Proposed designs make use of an all card box, eliminating the plastic and making the box 100% recyclable. 

Consumable Items 

BB&R now use an environmentally-friendly hand wrap. This product has no core, and hence when the roll is finished there is nothing left to dispose of. Due to the manufacturing process the whole roll can be used instead of traditional rolls where the last few meters of film are left on the core – this again reduces the amount of waste.

Office & Personnel

  • Provide environmental training
  • Encourage the use of public transport
  • Use recycled paper & stationery
  • Reduce PC/electrical power load per desk
  • Canteen & corporate kitchen: local, organic or British produce
  • Reduce the amount of bottled water used internally & externally
  • Challenge the need to fly; would video conferencing or a phone call suffice


  • Reduce the amount being mailed in favour of internet offers
  • Reduce the amount of mailshot waste; increase the amount being recycled
  • Reduce the laminated offer in favour of the recycled or sustainable

Public Relations

  • Communication to customers of BB&R’s environmentally-friendly initiatives, such as the recycling & re-use of bottles, packaging material, cartons & bags
  • Communication to customers of BB&R suppliers’ environmental credentials