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BBX Bids

Find and search fine wines on BBX
how to sell fine wines in your cellar on BBX
how to buy fine wines on BBX
register to bid on fine wines
register to bid on fine wines
BBX (Berrys' Broking Exchange) is the UK’s only online fine wine broking service for private individuals – it has reinvented the way we can all buy and sell wines.

BBX is now even better with BBX Bids
  • Buyers now have the choice to buy BBX wines at the selling price or place offer bids.
  • Sellers can sell their wine at the price they set, or accept the highest bid.
And it’s really simple. Bids are placed and accepted with a click of a button –and that’s it,  because we do everything else:
  • We communicate all live bids to sellers.
  • And let buyers know when their bid is accepted.
  • Then we complete the transaction by putting the wine into the buyer’s cellar...
  • ...and the money into the seller’s bank account
BBX FAQs   - BBX Terms & Conditions

BBX for Buyers 

 Easy to Browse and Search for Wines
By vintage, region, estate or price

 It's Really Simple      

      A single click is all it takes to buy – or bid for – "In Bond" wines

 No Buyers' Premium

 Suberb Wine Range
      For the very first time our customers’ private reserve wines
      are available to buy

 Buy with Confidence
      Every wine is backed by The Berrys’ No-Quibble Guarantee

 BBX for Sellers 

Choose which wines to sell and set your price – with just one click

 Free Live-ex Wine Valuations
Our Valuation Service instantly reveals the market value
      of your wines

 Free Registration, No Listing Fees &
      Low Sellers’ Commission  (10%)

 You decide whether to hear about – or accept – offer bids

 Receive Payment Quickly within 10 working days

 Sell Wines Quickly
      As anyone can purchase on BBX, there is an enormous number
      of potential buyers.

Our Wine Investment pages offer information about the fine wine market and what can affect prices

BBX for Cellarers

 Easy to Browse and Search for Wines

Seamless integration with your online Cellar Account dashboard

 Real Time Cellar Reporting
      Your wines’ current value; original cost; breakdown by status, region,
      vintage and colour

 Information about Live Offer Bids for wines in your cellar
      So you know your cellar’s market value -  Choose to realise your
      assets or rationalise your collection

Find out more about BBX Bids

BBX Enquiries
9.00am to 6.00pm
Monday to Friday
Tel:  44 (0) 1256 247 900
Fax: 44 (0) 1256 247 914
Email: BBX Enquiries