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Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - Jose Lau

Jose Lau

Private Client Sales Manager

Growing up in West coast Canada, Jose started as a motion picture cameraman for NBC Universal but developed his passion for wines long before he got into filming. He obtained his WSET advance level certificate in Canada and moved back to Hong Kong in 2010 starting his wine career at a one of the leading wine distributor in Greater China, which developed his customer relationship with the trade channel. In November 2012 he joined Berry Bros. & Rudd. Jose spends his spare time in the cinema, on the beach, travelling, photographing and sipping his all-time favorite wine: Aged Rioja.

Email: jose.lau@bbr.com

Berry Bros. &Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - Valiant Ki

Valiant Ki

Private Account Manager

Valiant’s motto is to do what you love to do. He loves wines therefore decided to go to Burgundy in 2011 so he could obtain a Master Degree in Wine Business. After that period of constant tasting, winery visits and sufficient study time, Valiant joined Berry Bros. & Rudd in the UK in year 2013. Most of his time was spent in the historical wine shop at 3 St. James’s Street, where he truly grasp the history and core values of Berry Bros. & Rudd.

From his two memorable years in the London shop, his wine knowledge improved extensively from the classic regions to the lesser-known regions like Sherry, Greek and Jura … all crediting the daily opportunity of tasting numerous wines and the WSET Diploma course he took. Valiant has also developed a passion for craft beer and whisky during his time in London and decided to bring his passion and talents back to Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong in June 2015.

Email: valiant.ki@bbr.com

Berry Bros. &Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - Amanda Longworth

Amanda Longworth

Head of Marketing and Wine Services

Born and educated in Sydney, Australia, Amanda’s corporate background is in marketing and communications. Hong Kong is now home for Amanda after living and working in the US, UK, Korea, Singapore, China and Japan.

Amanda’s studies in wine began in 2005, since that time she has become a WSET (Wine Spirit Education Trust) certified educator, and was the 2012 recipient of the prestigious Wine Australia Scholarship awarded to the top performing WSET Diploma candidate in Asia-Pacific. Amanda has recently been accepted as a student of the Institute of the Masters of Wine study program.

She has worked with Berry Bros. & Rudd since 2008 and has educated over 2,000 wine enthusiasts during that time.

Email: amanda.longworth@bbr.com

Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong Wine Team - Nicolas Pegna

Nicholas Pegna

Asia Director

Nicholas Pegna joined Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Fine Wine Broking Department in 1998. He became Director of Sales of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s business in Hong Kong at its inception in 1999 and was responsible for the establishment of this business, becoming its Managing Director in 2004.

After a period running our Singapore business, he took up his new role overseeing our Asia business in April 2016. He joined the wine trade in 1993 and since that date has worked in several areas of the business including wine retailing, wholesaling and fine wine broking.

As well as his responsibilities on the management front, Nicholas is also part of a small team which buys the new Bordeaux vintage every year for Berry Bros & Rudd globally. Nicholas was appointed Commandeur D'Honneur de L’Ordre du Bontemps, Medoc et Graves – Sauternes & Barsac, in June 2005 in Bordeaux and Chevalier de Tastevins in Burgundy in December 2006.

Email: nicholas.pegna@bbr.com

Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - Jacky Cheng

Jacky Cheng

Private Account Manager

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jacky's palate was developed since he was young by his father who operated a Chinese tea shop. His father also encouraged and helped Jacky become a wine lover by introducing him to wine from Bordeaux top châteaux. After getting his degree in Media and Cultural studies and working in Canada, China and Hong Kong, Jacky started his wine career with a local wine merchant in 2008 and joined another UK fine wine broker in 2011, where he has gained rewarding knowledge in fine wine trade and obtained his WSET advanced level certificate. Jacky then joined Berry Bros. & Rudd in June 2015.

Jacky enjoys mostly wines from the old world and some of his favorite producers are Ponsot, Leroy, Comte Lafon, Quintarelli and Palmer. Beside the time he spent with his friends enjoying wine, Jacky is a huge football fan who enjoys swimming and wakeboarding on a sunny summer weekend.

Email: jacky.cheng@bbr.com

Berry Bros. & Rudd Singapore Fine Wine Team - Luigi Barzini

Luigi Barzini

Regional Sales Manager, Asia (BB&R and Agency Brands)

Coming from a French and Italian background, Luigi was quickly attracted by the world of fine wine and spirits.

After graduating from Trinity College Dublin and completing an internship in our Wine School department, Luigi joined the Marketing team for Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits in November 2010. Leading the global launch and commercial activation of our range of rums as well as the development of Berrys’ Own Selection Spirits, Luigi’s growing enthusiasm for the category led him to take on the role of ambassador while managing the company’s ever-expanding portfolio of brands.

After four years in the Marketing team, two years managing our South East Asian markets, Luigi has accepted a new position in Hong-Kong as our Asia Regional Sales Manager. His focus will be on expanding our Spirits business and Wine agency footprint across the region. This new adventure pushes Luigi to travel and share his passion for spirits and wine all the way from Japan to Indonesia.

Email: luigi.barzini@bbr.com

Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - Flora Tang

Flora Tang

Wholesale Account Manager

Flora first began her journey into the hospitality industry by attending Australia’s Le Cordon Bleu academy, where she majored in hotel and resort management. To develop her wine knowledge specifically, she obtained her WSET Level 3 Advanced Certificate, and also travelled extensively for three years through her work as a flight attendant.

Flora began her wine trade career in earnest working at a distributor in Hong Kong, where she developed not only her knowledge but also key relationships within the industry. In May 2014, she joined Berry Bros. & Rudd. Some of her favorite wines are aged Corton-Charlemagne, Condrieu, Viognier and Brunello di Montalcino. In her leisure time, Flora enjoys scuba diving and exercises her more adventurous side by developing her free-diving technique.

Email: flora.tang@bbr.com

Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - Katie Daniel

Katie Daniel

Corporate Sales Account Manager

Katie’s association with Berry Bros. & Rudd began in 2007 when she attended the one Day Introductory Wine Course in London. Having graduated from Bristol University in 2009 with a First Class Honours degree in Chemistry, she moved to Hong Kong and spent five years working in Executive Search providing customized solutions for investment banks and companies in the financial sector.

In order to enhance her love of wine, and particularly champagne, Katie completed the WSET advanced level certificate and immediately began her own search for a job within the industry. She joined Berry Bros. & Rudd in February 2015 and is looking forward to broadening her knowledge further before embarking on the Diploma.

Katie enjoys tennis, keeping fit and spending time with family and friends, particularly if she is offered a glass of bubbles.

Email: katie.daniel@bbr.com

Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - Joey Luo

Joey Luo

Private Account Manager

Growing up in Chengdu in China, where it is famous for Panda, gourmet food and Chinese baijiu, Joey grew up appreciating family members gathering for food and spirit.

Joey lived in Montreal and Vancouver for seven years, with an exchange student opportunity to experience school life in Europe for one semester. Graduating from University of British Columbia in Canada with Commerce degree, and after briefly working in Canada, Joey moved to Hong Kong in 2007 to begin her wine career with a wine trading firm. This is where she discovered her passion in wine and an amazing learning journey for her to improve wine knowledge on a daily basis. She is now a candidate for the WSET Diploma and she would like to continue pursuing her wine study to the next level.

Joey believes that wine is for sharing and it is a magic force to gather people with different background together. She really treasures the fact that wine allows her to meet interesting clients who eventually turn into good friends, which is one of the key reasons why she have been working in the wine industry for the past 5 years.

Besides wine, Joey’s interests are to travel the world with her camera to capture the beautiful nature and to experience the gourmet food. She has been to 21 countries so far and looking forward to explore more.

Joey joined Berry Bros. & Rudd in March 2015.

Email: joey.luo@bbr.com

Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - Joanna Piotrowiak

Joanna Piotrowiak

Wholesale Account Manager

Although coming from the spirit-focused country of Poland, Joanna’s family has nurtured a long-standing appreciation of wine – an interested passed down from her grandfather’s generation to her parents who invested in winery in Sardinia.

After studying in Poland and Germany, Joanna decided to take the big step from home and move to Hong Kong. Here, she decided to further her professional knowledge, and so obtained a MBA degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Joanna felt her calling to be in the wine industry, and so she set about enhancing her wine knowledge by not only pursuing WSET qualifications but also, in 2014, by becoming a Certified Sommelier appointed by Court of Master Sommeliers. (A dream of a restaurant may lie somewhere in her future.)

Outside of Berry Bros. & Rudd, Joanna’s interests include cooking, travelling, good music and quality bubbles. And she’ll never say no to a good glass of Californian Pinot Noir.

Email: joanna.piotrowiak@bbr.com

Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - Wing Yeung

Wing Yeung

Wholesale Account Manager

Wing majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management while she was in university. She began her career in the tourism industry, where she was introduced to beverages and liquors. With growing passion and interest, she moved on to join the wine and spirits industry in 2008. Over the years, she has gained vast experience and knowledge across a wide range of products: from beers to single malt whiskies, and finally to fine wines.

Wing joined Berry Bros. & Rudd wholesale team in February 2015. She looks forward to sharing with everyone her wines and spirits selection, and the pleasure and joy of appreciating wines.

Email: wing.yeung@bbr.com

Berry Bros. & Rudd Hong Kong Sales Team - David Jones

David Jones

Senior Account Manager

At a time when the bottle of wine at the family dinner table would most likely be a Liebfraumilch or Mateus Rosé, it was David’s language studies, and work as an English teacher, which led him to the wine regions of France and Germany and awakened his passion for wines of a finer kind. David’s career with Berry Bros. & Rudd started in 2002, and has so far included spells in our Fine Wine teams in the UK and Tokyo and, most recently, a move to work in our Hong Kong office.

David strongly believes that good wines are best appreciated with food, and his favourite wines are those of the classic regions of Europe, in particular Burgundy and Alsace, which have always been traditionally made to be enjoyed in this way. When not advising Berry Bros. & Rudd’s clients on a must-have Volnay or Riesling, David is most likely to be found indulging his other passions on the golf course or in the kitchen.

Email: david.jones@bbr.com