Japan Sales Office

Japan Sales Office

Japan Sales Office

Berry Bros. & Rudd has further expanded its family-owned business into Asia with the opening in October 2008 of a Wine Sales Office based in Tokyo, Japan.
Website: www.bbr.co.jp

The business offers many of the services customers have come to expect of Berry Bros. & Rudd worldwide including Fine Wine sales to private individuals via the telephone or online as well a full range of wines to the on trade and corporate clients.

Our experienced team comprises of 13 members:
Akiko Sakai (Private Sales)
Shiromi Hattori (Private Sales)
Akitaka Fukuhara (Wholesale Manager)
Akihiro Horino (Wholesale)
Fumihiko Waga (Wholesale)
Hiroko Takeuchi (Wholesale)
Ryoko Toya (Wholesale)
Yukimichi Shibata (Wholesale)
Noriko Ito (Sales Support Wholesale)
Hiroaki Niino (Operation Manager)
Mayumi Toyofuku (Customer Service)
Miho Haneda (Accountant)

As well as the Sales Office, there is an exclusive in-house dining and tasting room where customers can be welcomed in person and experience BB&R hospitality and wines first hand.

Berry Bros & Rudd (Japan)
METLIFE Kanda-Nishikicho Building, 14F,
3-23 Kanda-Nishikicho,
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan


Tel 03-3518-6730
Fax 03-3518-6737
E-mail: japan.mail@bbr.com
Website: www.bbr.co.jp