Lizzy Rudd Chairman

Lizzy Rudd took over from Simon Berry as Chairman on 1st December 2017. Lizzy started her career at Berry Bros & Rudd in the Marketing team, where she was responsible for building the global reputation of the firm’s renowned whisky brand Cutty Sark.

When Lizzy left the company almost a decade later to concentrate on her young family, she was appointed to the Board as a Non-Executive Director. Following the appointment of Simon Berry to the role of Chairman, Lizzy was appointed as Deputy Chairman.

Lizzy has played a fundamental role in the establishment of the Family Board which sits alongside the Executive Board, and has played an integral part in the work carried out on the restructuring and governance of the Executive Board.

With the appointment of a new CEO to the business in 2015, Lizzy has also been central in communicating the vision of Berry Bros. & Rudd on behalf of the Rudd and Berry families. This vision has been essential in guiding the planned direction of the company and feeds directly into the overall strategy for Berry Bros & Rudd.

When back home in Norfolk and well away from the wine and spirits industry, Lizzy has a particular interest in plants and botanicals. She is a qualified nutritionist and naturopath and enjoys creating tinctures and infusions with a wide variety of herbs and botanicals that she grows and collects herself.