Discover Barbaresco 2021

We’re delighted to offer the latest vintage from Barbaresco.


The 2021 vintage in Barbaresco encapsulates the rising quality of this lesser-known Piedmontese region.


These newly released wines bring together many of the best qualities of great vintages. Fruit-forward and ripe, yet with remarkable complexity, balance and structure, these are exceptionally high-quality, and would make a valuable addition to any collection.


Many of Barbaresco's best producers also create Langhe Nebbiolo and Dolcetto wines, which are released earlier. To give a full overview of the region, we have included our favourites of these in our Barbaresco 2021 offer.


Find out more about the vintage and browse the full range of releases below.

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Francesco VersioLanghe Nebbiolo20226 x 75cl£99.00Add to cellar
Francesco VersioBarbaresco20216 x 75cl£210.00Add to cellar
Luigi GiordanoDolcetto d'Alba20226 x 75cl£66.00Add to cellar
Luigi GiordanoBarbera d'Alba20226 x 75cl£72.00Add to cellar
Luigi GiordanoLanghe Freisa20226 x 75cl£72.00Add to cellar
Luigi GiordanoLanghe Nebbiolo20226 x 75cl£84.00Add to cellar
Luigi GiordanoBarbaresco Cavanna20216 x 75cl£150.00Add to cellar
Luigi GiordanoBarbaresco Asili20216 x 75cl£180.00Add to cellar
Luigi GiordanoBarbaresco Montestefano 20216 x 75cl£180.00Add to cellar
CerettoBarbaresco20216 x 75cl£240.00Add to cellar
CerettoBarbaresco Bernadot20216 x 75cl£504.00Add to cellar
CerettoBarbaresco Asili20216 x 75cl£798.00Add to cellar
MassolinoBarbaresco20216 x 75cl£198.00Add to cellar
MassolinoBarbaresco Albesani20216 x 75cl£348.00Add to cellar