Berry Bros. & Rudd - Bordeau 2019 en primeur

Keep track of all our En Primeur releases here. You’ll find critic scores from Decanter’s Jane Anson, comparative pricing and a list of which wines are available to buy now.




Jane Anson


2018 Market price

2020 Release price


FrancsCh. Marsaun/a6 x 75cl£140£75Sold out
CastillonCh. Joanin Bécot92/1006 x 75cl£90£78Buy now
St. EstèpheCh. le Boscqn/a6 x 75cl£110£96Sold out
MédocCh. Potensacn/a6 x 75cl£108£99Sold out
MédocG d'Estournel90/1006 x 75cln/a£102Buy now
St. EstèpheCh. Le Crockn/a6 x 75cl£115£105Sold out
Côtes de CastillonDomaine de l'A93/1006 x 75cl£108£108Sold out
St. JulienSarget de Gruaud Larose90/1006 x 75cl£110£108Sold out
Haut-MédocCh. Cantemerle93/100 6 x 75cl£135£110Buy now
Moulis-en-MédocCh. Poujeaux92/100 6 x 75cl£125£110Sold out
Haut-MédocCh. Belgraven/a6 x 75cl£115£111Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Laroque92/1006 x 75cl£135£114Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. Le Petit Haut Lafitte93/1006 x 75cl£125£114Sold out
St. EstèpheCh. Ormes de Pez93/1006 x 75cl£125£114Sold out
PauillacLacoste Borien/a6 x 75cl£110£114Buy now
GravesCh. Villa Bel-Airn/a12 x 75cl£120£120Buy now
St. EstèpheCh. Meyney93/1006 x 75cl£125£120Sold out
St. EstèpheLe Marquis de Calon Ségur93/1006 x 75cl£115£120Sold out
Moulis-en-MédocCh. Chasse-Spleenn/a6 x 75cl£140£123Sold out
St. JulienCh. Moulin Riche6 x 75cl£150£126Buy now
Pessac-LéognanCh. Latour-Martillac94/1006 x 75cl£155£129Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. Latour-Martillac Blanc93/1006 x 75cl£140£129Sold out
MargauxCh. Angludet91/1006 x 75cl£150£138Sold out
Haut-MédocCh. Sociando-Malletn/a6 x 75cl£150£138Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. Le Petit Smith Haut Lafitte Blancn/a6 x 75cl£130£138Sold out
SauternesCh. Doisy-Védrines95/1006 x 75cl£140£141Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Moulin Saint-Georges94/1006 x 75cl£145£141Sold out
BarsacCh. Doisy Daëne96/1006 x 75cl£130£144Sold out
PauillacCh. Lynch-Moussasn/a6 x 75cl£180£144Sold out
St. EmilionCroix Canon93/1006 x 75cln/a£144Buy now
St. EmilionLe Dragon de Quintus89/1006 x 75cl£150£150Sold out
MargauxCh. Prieuré-Lichine n/a6 x 75cl£200£153Sold out
PauillacCh. Pédesclaux93/1006 x 75cl£190£159Sold out
Pessac-LéognanHaut-Bailly II92/1006 x 75cl£180£159Sold out
BarsacCh. Coutet94/1006 x 75cl£180£162Buy now
St. EstèpheCh. Lafon-Rochet93/1006 x 75cl£169£162Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. La Garde91/10012 x 75cl£160£162Sold out
Haut-MédocCh. La Lagunen/a6 x 75cln/a£162Sold out
MargauxCh. du Tertre93/100 6 x 75cl£190£165Sold out
PauillacCh. Batailley93-95/1006 x 75cl£200£168Buy now
St. EmilionCh. Grand Mayne 93/1006 x 75cl£173£168Sold out
PauillacEcho de Lynch-Bages92/1006 x 75cl£175£168Sold out
St. EstèpheLa Dame de Montrose92/1006 x 75cl£180£174Sold out
St. JulienCh. Langoa Barton92/1006 x 75cl£215£177Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. la Garde Blanc 90/10012 x 75cl£180£180Sold out
MargauxCh. Kirwan92/1006 x 75cl£195£180Sold out
St. JulienLa Croix Ducru Beaucailloun/a6 x 75cl£200£180Sold out
SauternesCh. Guiraud94/1006 x 75cln/a£186Sold out
St. JulienCh. Branaire-Ducru93/1006 x 75cl£230£186Buy now
St. EstèpheCh. Phélan Ségur94/1006 x 75cl£205£186Sold out
St. EstèphePagodes de Cos92/1006 x 75cl£215£186Buy now
PauillacCh. d'Armailhac93/1006 x 75cl£210£198On allocation
PauillacPichon Comtesse Réserven/a6 x 75cl£200£201Sold out
MargauxCh. Cantenac-Brownn/a6 x 75cl£220£207Sold out
St. JulienCh. Lagrange93/1006 x 75cl£205£213Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. Malartic-Lagravière Blancn/a6 x 75cl£220£216Sold out
St. EmilionPetit Figeacn/a6 x 75cl£220£216Sold out
PomerolDuo de Conseillanten/a6 x 75cln/a£216Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Berliquet93/1006 x 75cl£210£219On allocation
St. JulienClos du Marquisn/a6 x 75cl£240£225Buy now
MargauxCh. Malescot St Exupery92/1006 x 75cl£280£231Sold out
PauillacCh. Haut-Batailley93/1006 x 75cl£260£240Sold out
MargauxCh. Giscours95/1006 x 75cl£275£246Sold out
SauternesCh. Suduiraut96/1006 x 75cl£155£252Sold out
St. JulienLe Petit Lion du Marquis de Las Cases93/1006 x 75cl£240£252Sold out
MargauxCh. d'Issan96/1006 x 75cl£225£255Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Beau-Séjour Bécot95/1006 x 75cl£270£258Buy now
PomerolCh. Vray Croix de Gay 95/1006 x 75cl£310£276On allocation
SauternesL'Extravagant de Doisy Daënen/a1 x 75cl£280£280Sold out
Pessac-LéognanDomaine de Chevalier95/1006 x 75cl£325£282Buy now
St. EmilionCh. Canon99/1003 x 75cl£550£288On allocation
St. EmilionCh. La Gaffelièren/a6 x 75cl£360£294Sold out
PomerolCh. Nenin93/1006 x 75cl£275£297Buy now
MargauxCh. Brane-Cantenac94/1006 x 75cl£310£300Sold out
St. EmilionChapelle d'Ausone94/1006 x 75cl£875£300Buy now
PauillacCh. Grand-Puy-Lacoste95/1006 x 75cl£300£303Sold out
MargauxAlter Ego de Palmer93/1006 x 75cln/a£303Buy now
St. EmilionCh. Trotte Vieille96/1006 x 75cl£375£327Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Larcis Ducasse97/1006 x 75cl£350£333Sold out
PomerolCh. Gazin94/1006 x 75cl£330£339Sold out
St. JulienCh. Gruaud Larose95/1006 x 75cl£330£342Sold out
PauillacCh. Clerc Milon94/1006 x 75cl£380£345On allocation
St. JulienCh. Beychevelle94/1006 x 75cl£425£348On allocation
St. EmilionCh. Pavie Macquin95/1006 x 75cl£315£348Buy now
Pessac-LéognanLa Chapelle de la Mission Haut-Brion94/1006 x 75cl£340£360Buy now
St. JulienCh. Léoville Barton94/1006 x 75cl£375£363On allocation
St. EmilionCarillon d'Angélusn/a6 x 75cl£422£396Sold out
Pessac-LéognanDomaine de Chevalier Blanc95/1006 x 75cl£425£411Sold out
GravesLa Clarté de Haut-Brionn/a6 x 75cl£360£432Buy now
St. JulienCh. Léoville Poyferré96/1006 x 75cl£425£432On allocation
BordeauxAile d'Argent Blanc93/1006 x 75cl£360£432Sold out
PauillacCh. Pontet-Canet97/1006 x 75cl£520£447Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Quintus93/1006 x 75cl£550£462Buy now
St. EmilionClos Fourtet96/1006 x 75cl£520£471On allocation
St. EstèpheCh. Calon Ségur98/1006 x 75cl£550£474On allocation
PauillacCh. Lynch-Bages96/1006 x 75cl£530£522Sold out
BordeauxCos d'Estournel Blanc95/1006 x 75cl£550£576Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. Smith Haut Lafitte97/1006 x 75cl£475£576Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc96/1006 x 75cl£520£576Buy now
PauillacCh. Pichon Baron96/1006 x 75cl£700£663On allocation
Pessac-LéognanLe Clarence de Haut-Brion92/1006 x 75cl£612£720Buy now
St. EstèpheCh. Montrose98/1006 x 75cl£700£768Buy now
St. EmilionLa Mondotte94/1006 x 75cl£950£798On allocation
MargauxPavillon Rouge du Ch. Margaux94/1006 x 75cl£800£828On allocation
St. EstèpheCos d'Estournel97/1006 x 75cl£850£900Buy now
PomerolCh. la Conseillante96/1006 x 75cl£850£936On allocation
St. EmilionCh. Figeac96/1006 x 75cl£1,050£936On allocation
St. JulienCh. Ducru-Beaucaillou98/1006 x 75cl£750£960Sold out
PauillacLe Petit Mouton93/1006 x 75cl£550£1,020On allocation
MargauxPavillon Blanc du Ch. Margaux97/1006 x 75cl£960£1,080On allocation
PomerolCh. l'Evangile98/1006 x 75cl£1,100£1,110Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Cheval Blanc98/1003 x 75cl£1,500£1,185On allocation
St. JulienCh. Léoville Las Cases96/1006 x 75cl£1,150£1,188Buy now
MargauxCh. Margaux99/1003 x 75cl£3,000£1,299On allocation
Pessac-LéognanCh. Haut-Brion96/1006 x 75cl£2,450£1,299Sold out
MargauxCh. Palmer97/1006 x 75cl£2,100£1,440Buy now
St. EmilionCh. Pavie97/1006 x 75cl£1,650£1,446Sold out
PauillacCh. Lafite Rothschild97/1003 x 75cl£1,900£1,470On allocation
Pessac-LéognanCh. La Mission Haut-Brion98/1003 x 75cl£1,450£1,512Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Angélus97/1006 x 75cl£1,550£1,524Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Ausone99/1003 x 75cl£4,000£1,536On allocation
Pessac-LéognanCh. Haut-Brion Blanc96/1003 x 75cl£3,450£1,800On allocation
PauillacCh. Mouton Rothschild98/1003 x 75cl£3,100£2,598On allocation
Pessac-LéognanCh. La Mission Haut-Brion Blanc95/1006 x 75cl£2,250£2,880Buy now