Berry Bros. & Rudd - Bordeau 2019 en primeur

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Jane Anson


2022 Release price


BarsacCh. Climensn/an/a6 x 75cl£654.00Add to cellar
Bordeaux BlancAile d'Argent Blanc16.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£660.00Sold out
Bordeaux BlancBlanc de Lynch-Bages17/2094/1006 x 75cl£252.00Add to cellar
Bordeaux BlancPavillon Blanc16.5/2096/1003 x 75cl£801.00On allocation
Bordeaux BlancSuduiraut Sec16.5/20n/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
Bordeaux BlancSuduiraut Semillon Pur16/20n/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
CastillonDomaine de l'An/a93/1006 x 75cl£117.00Add to cellar
CastillonCh. Joanin Becotn/an/a6 x 75cl£90.00Add to cellar
CastillonCh. Montlandrien/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
FrancsCh. Marsau16.5/2092/10012 x 75cl£198.00Add to cellar
GravesCh. Clos Floridenen/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
GravesCh. Villa Bel Airn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
Haut MédocCh. Beaumontn/a92/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
Haut MédocCh. Belgrave16/2093/1006 x 75cl£132.00Add to cellar
Haut MédocCh. Bernadotten/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
Haut MédocCh. Cantemerle16/2093/1006 x 75cl£132.00Add to cellar
Haut MédocCh. La Lagune17/2094/1006 x 75cl£216.00Add to cellar
Haut MédocCh. Sénéjacn/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
Haut MédocCh. Sociando Mallet16/2094/1006 x 75cl£168.00Add to cellar
Lalande-de-PomerolCh. La Chenaden/a91/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxAlter Ego de Palmer17/2092/1006 x 75cl£402.00Add to cellar
MargauxBlason d'Issann/a92/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxCh. Angludetn/a94/1006 x 75cl£162.00Add to cellar
MargauxCh. Brane-Cantenac18/2098/1006 x 75cl£360.00Sold out
MargauxCh. Cantenac Brown16.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£243.00Add to cellar
MargauxCh. D'Issan16.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£306.00Add to cellar
MargauxCh. du Tertre16.5/2092/1006 x 75cl£183.00Add to cellar
MargauxCh. Durfort Vivensn/a95/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxCh. Ferrieren/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxCh. Giscours17/2095/1006 x 75cl£300.00Add to cellar
MargauxCh. Kirwann/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxCh. Labegorce n/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxCh. Lascombesn/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxCh. Malescot St Exupery16/20n/a6 x 75cl£270.00Add to cellar
MargauxCh. Margaux19/2098-100/1003 x 75cl£1554.00On allocation
MargauxCh. Palmer19/2096/1006 x 75cl£1788.00Add to cellar
MargauxCh. Prieure Lichinen/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxCh. Rauzan Gassiesn/a93/1006 x 75cl£504.00On allocation
MargauxCh. Rauzan-Ségla17.5/2097/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxCh. Sirann/a94/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
MargauxPavillon Rouge18/2094/1006 x 75cl£900.00On allocation
MédocCh. Potensac16.5/2093/10012 x 75cl£246.00Add to cellar
MoulisCh. Chasse-Spleen17/2093/1006 x 75cl£144.00Add to cellar
MoulisCh. Mauvesin Bartonn/a92/10012 x 75cl£150.00Add to cellar
MoulisCh. Poujeaux16/2094/1006 x 75cl£123.00Add to cellar
PauillacCarruades de Lafite18/2093/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PauillacCh. Batailley16.5/2096/1006 x 75cl£186.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Clerc Milon17/2095/1006 x 75cl£396.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. d'Armailhac17.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£243.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Duhart Milon17/2094/1006 x 75cl£378.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Grand Puy Lacoste16.5/2096/1006 x 75cl£357.00Sold out
PauillacCh. Grand-Puy Ducasse16/2093/1006 x 75cl£189.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Haut-Bages Liberaln/a93/1006 x 75cl£201.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Haut-Batailley17/2093/1006 x 75cl£261.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. La Reserve de Comtesse16/2093/1006 x 75cl£216.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Lafite19.5/2097/1006 x 75cl£3570.00On allocation
PauillacCh. Latourn/a98-100/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PauillacCh. Lynch Moussas15.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£174.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Lynch-Bages18.5/2097/1006 x 75cl£636.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Mouton 19/2098/1006 x 75cl£3108.00On allocation
PauillacCh. Pédésclaux16/2094/1006 x 75cl£201.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Pichon Baron18.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£810.00Add to cellar
PauillacCh. Pichon Comtesse de Lalande18/2098/1006 x 75cl£1032.00Sold out
PauillacCh. Pontet-Canet17/2094/1006 x 75cl£540.00Add to cellar
PauillacEcho de Lynch-Bages17/2092/1006 x 75cl£192.00Add to cellar
PauillacLacoste Borie16/2092/1006 x 75cl£120.00Add to cellar
PauillacLe Petit Mouton17.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£1098.00On allocation
PauillacLes Hauts De Pontet Canetn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
PauillacTourelles De Longuevillen/a88/1006 x 75cl£168.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. de Fieuzaln/an/a6 x 75cl£168.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. de Fieuzal Blancn/an/a6 x 75cl£270.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. Haut Bailly18/2097/1006 x 75cl£720.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. Haut Brion Blanc17.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£3600.00On allocation
Pessac-LéognanCh. Haut-Brion19/2096/1006 x 75cl£3090.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. La Chapelle Mission16/2092/1006 x 75cl£396.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. La Clarté Haut-Brion16/2090/1006 x 75cl£510.00Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. La Garde16/2092/10012 x 75cl£186.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. La Garde Blanc16.5/2092/10012 x 75cl£129.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. La Mission Blanc17/2096/1006 x 75cl£2880.00On allocation
Pessac-LéognanCh. La Mission Haut-Brion17.5/2097/1006 x 75cl£1590.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. Larrivet Haut-Brionn/a94/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
Pessac-LéognanCh. Latour Martillac16/2093/1006 x 75cl£174.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. Latour Martillac Blanc16/2092/1006 x 75cl£198.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. Les Carmes Haut-Brion19.5/2096/1003 x 75cl£420.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. Lespault-Martillacn/an/a6 x 75cl£111.00Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. Lespault-Martillac Blancn/a92/1006 x 75cl£135.00Sold out
Pessac-LéognanCh. Malartic-Lagravièren/a96/1006 x 75cl£204.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. Malartic-Lagraviere Blancn/a94/1006 x 75cl£276.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanCh. Olivier Blancn/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
Pessac-LéognanCh. Pape Clément15.5/2095/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
Pessac-LéognanCh. Pape Clément Blanc16.5/2093/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
Pessac-LéognanCh. Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc16.5/2096/1006 x 75cl£720.00On allocation
Pessac-LéognanCh. Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge16.5/2097/1006 x 75cl£684.00On allocation
Pessac-LéognanClarence de Haut-Brion16.5/2092/1006 x 75cl£792.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanDomaine de Chevalier Blanc18/2094/1006 x 75cl£489.00On allocation
Pessac-LéognanDomaine de Chevalier Rouge17.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£339.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanHaut Bailly II16.5/2092/1006 x 75cl£180.00Add to cellar
Pessac-LéognanPetit Haut Lafitte Blancn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
Pessac-LéognanPetit Smith Haut Lafiten/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolBlason de L'Evangilen/a91/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. Beauregardn/a94/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. Bourgneufn/a94/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. Clinet17.5/2096/1006 x 75cl£489.00Add to cellar
PomerolCh. Du Domaine De L'Eglisen/a90/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. Feytit-Clinetn/a95/1006 x 75cl£303.00Add to cellar
PomerolCh. Gazin16.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£399.00Add to cellar
PomerolCh. Hosannan/a95/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. La Conseillante18/2097/1006 x 75cl£1326.00On allocation
PomerolCh. La Croix du Cassen/a89/1006 x 75cl£129.00Add to cellar
PomerolCh. La Croix St. Georges17/2091/1006 x 75cl£216.00Add to cellar
PomerolCh. La Fleur Gazinn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. La Fleur Petrusn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. Lafleurn/a98-100/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. Le Gay16.5/20n/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. L'Eglise Clinetn/a98/1006 x 75cl£1554.00Sold out
PomerolCh. L'Evangilen/a95/1006 x 75cl£1338.00Add to cellar
PomerolCh. Nenin16.5/2089/1006 x 75cl£327.00Add to cellar
PomerolCh. Petit Village16.5/2093/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. Séraphine17/2093/1006 x 75cl£600.00Add to cellar
PomerolCh. Trotanoyn/a97/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolCh. Vray Croix de Gay16/2093/1006 x 75cl£327.00Add to cellar
PomerolClos L'Eglisen/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolDuo De Conseillanten/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolLa Petite Eglisen/a93/1006 x 75cl£243.00On allocation
PomerolLe Pin18.5/2097/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolPensées De Lafleurn/a94/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolPetrus19/2097/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
PomerolVieux Château Certann/a96/1006 x 75cl£1650.00On allocation
SauternesCh. Coutet16.5/20n/a6 x 75cl£174.00Add to cellar
SauternesCh. Doisy Daënen/an/a6 x 75cl£189.00Add to cellar
SauternesCh. Doisy-Védrines17/20n/a6 x 75cl£156.00Add to cellar
SauternesCh. D'Yquemn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
SauternesCh. Guiraudn/an/a6 x 75cl£234.00Add to cellar
SauternesCh. La Tour Blanchen/a90/1006 x 75cl£228.00Add to cellar
SauternesCh. Raymond Lafonn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
SauternesCh. Rieussecn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
SauternesCh. Sigalas-Rabaudn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
SauternesCh. Suduiraut17.5/20n/a6 x 75cl£291.00Add to cellar
SauternesL'Extravagant de Doisy Daënen/an/a1 x 75cl£310.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCarillon d'Angélus16/2094/1006 x 75cl£552.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Angélus18/2094/1003 x 75cl£1080.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Ausone18.5/2095/1003 x 75cl£1725.00Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Beau-Sejour Bécot17/2096/1006 x 75cl£354.00Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Beausejour-Duffau-Lagarosse18.5/2098-100/1006 x 75cl£720.00On allocation
St. EmilionCh. Belair Monangen/a98-100/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. Bellevue Mondotten/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. Berliquet17/2094/1006 x 75cl£276.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Canon18/2098/1006 x 75cl£720.00On allocation
St. EmilionCh. Canon La Gaffelièren/a94/1006 x 75cl£390.00On allocation
St. EmilionCh. Cheval Blanc18.5/2098-100/1003 x 75cl£1446.00Sold out
St. EmilionCh. de Ferrand16.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£150.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. de Fonbeln/a90/10012 x 75cl£180.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Destieuxn/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. Figeac19/2098/1006 x 75cl£1518.00On allocation
St. EmilionCh. Grand Mayne16.5/2093/1006 x 75cl£195.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Jean Faure16.5/2094/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. La Clotte15.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£360.00Sold out
St. EmilionCh. La Gaffeliere18/2096/1006 x 75cl£342.00Sold out
St. EmilionCh. La Mondotten/a94/1006 x 75cl£864.00On allocation
St. EmilionCh. La Serren/a94/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. Larcis Ducasse16.5/2096/1006 x 75cl£432.00Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Laroque17/2097/1006 x 75cl£147.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Le Prieuré16.5/2093/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. L'If17/2093/1006 x 75cl£399.00On allocation
St. EmilionCh. Monbousquetn/a89/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. Moulin Saint-Georges16.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£141.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Pavie n/a95/1003 x 75cl£900.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Pavie Decessen/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. Pavie Macquin17.5/2098/1006 x 75cl£405.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Puyblanquet17/2090/1006 x 75cl£129.00On allocation
St. EmilionCh. Quinault15.5/2092/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. Quintus16/2094/1006 x 75cl£576.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCh. Roziern/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. Saintaymen/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionCh. Troplong Mondot18/2098/1006 x 75cl£612.00Sold out
St. EmilionCh. Trotte Vieille16.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£372.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionChapelle d'Ausone16.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£870.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionClos Cantenacn/a93/1006 x 75cl£183.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionClos Fourtet17.5/2098/1006 x 75cl£564.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionCroix Canonn/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionLa Tour Du Pinn/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionLe Dragon De Quintusn/a90/1006 x 75cl£174.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionLe Petit Chevaln/an/a6 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EmilionPetit Cantenacn/a90/1006 x 75cl£105.00Add to cellar
St. EmilionPetit Figeacn/an/a6 x 75cl£288.00On allocation
St. EstèpheCh. Beau Siten/a89/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EstèpheCh. Calon Segur17.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£612.00On allocation
St. EstèpheCh. Capbern16.5/2091/1006 x 75cl£117.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. Cos Labory15.5/2092/1006 x 75cl£162.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. de Pez16.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£150.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. Lafon Rochet16/2094/1006 x 75cl£210.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. Le Boscq16/2093/10012 x 75cl£240.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. Le Crock16/2092/1006 x 75cl£123.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. Lilian Ladouysn/a93/10012 x 75cl£174.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. Meyney16.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£141.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. Montrose18/2097/1006 x 75cl£930.00Sold out
St. EstèpheCh. Ormes de Pez16.5/2093/1006 x 75cl£129.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. Phelan Ségur16.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£225.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCh. Tronquoyn/a93/1006 x 75cl£117.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCos d'Estournel17/2097/1006 x 75cl£1116.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheCos d'Estournel Blanc15.5/2095/1006 x 75cl£738.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheDame de Montrose16/2092/1006 x 75cl£189.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheG D'Estourneln/a93/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. EstèpheLe Marquis de Calon16/2090/1006 x 75cl£144.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheLes Pagodes de Cos16/2093/1006 x 75cl£228.00Add to cellar
St. EstèpheLes Pagodes De Cos Blancn/a93/1006 x 75cl£252.00Add to cellar
St. JulienCaillou Blanc Talbotn/a90/1006 x 75cl£189.00Add to cellar
St. JulienCh. Beychevelle17/2093/1006 x 75cl£420.00On allocation
St. JulienCh. Branaire-Ducru17.5/2096/1006 x 75cl£237.00Sold out
St. JulienCh. Ducru-Beaucaillou18/2098/1006 x 75cl£1122.00Sold out
St. JulienCh. Fiefs De Lagrangen/a88/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. JulienCh. Glorian/a92/1006 x 75cl£189.00Add to cellar
St. JulienCh. Gruaud Larosen/a96/1006 x 75cl£420.00Add to cellar
St. JulienCh. Lagrange17/2096/1006 x 75cl£237.00Add to cellar
St. JulienCh. Langoa Barton17.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£216.00Sold out
St. JulienCh. Léoville Barton18/2095/1006 x 75cl£390.00Sold out
St. JulienCh. Léoville Las Cases18/2097/1006 x 75cl£1386.00Add to cellar
St. JulienCh. Léoville Poyferré17/2096/1006 x 75cl£507.00Add to cellar
St. JulienCh. Moulin Riche16/2088/1006 x 75cl£135.00Add to cellar
St. JulienCh. Saint Pierre16.5/2094/1006 x 75cl£276.00Add to cellar
St. JulienCh. Talbot17/2094/1006 x 75cl£288.00Add to cellar
St. JulienClos du Marquis17/2092/1006 x 75cl£363.00Add to cellar
St. JulienLa Croix Ducru-Beaucaillou16.5/2093/1006 x 75cl£216.00Add to cellar
St. JulienLe Petit Ducru de Ducru Beaucailloun/a91/1006 x 75clTBCPending release
St. JulienLe Petit Lion Las Cases17/2092/1006 x 75cl£327.00Add to cellar
St. JulienSarget De Gruaud Larosen/a89/1006 x 75cl£117.00Add to cellar