Cellar Plan Options

Whether you are looking to buy for future drinking, for investment or a little of both, our Cellar Plan is designed to suit all tastes and budgets. The aim is to build a rounded cellar, usually grounded in Bordeaux and Burgundy, but extending to more diverse varieties and regions from the Old and New World, including Italy, Spain, Germany, North America and Australia.

Planning a Cellar for Future Drinking

Most Cellar Plan holders build a wine collection for future drinking. We'll generally make selections based on your wine preferences, your monthly contribution and what is already in your cellar, to ensure your cellar is well-balanced with plenty of options for short- and long-term drinking.

You will always retain complete control over what goes into your cellar, but we're confident you'll be very happy with our selections. If you'd prefer us to make wine selections for your cellar and simply notify you of their purchase, please indicate this on your application form.

The speed at which your cellar will evolve is determined by two factors: the target case price you indicate when you sign-up (eg £200 to £300 per case, £200 to £450 per case) and the amount you choose to invest each month. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your wine collection will grow.

The minimum monthly payment for a Future Drinking cellar is £100.

Planning a Cellar for Future Drinking & Investment

This is something Berry Bros. & Rudd’s customers have been doing for centuries: buying more wine than they intend to drink so that they can sell the excess at a later date and thus subsidise the wines they keep.

As with the investment plan, it is essential to include some wines with a proven record in the secondary market in your cellar, but you can be confident that the combination of our over 300 years of wine expertise, and knowledge of your wine preferences will create the perfect cellar for you.

It is important that you consult closely with your Cellar Plan Account Manager, or allow them to choose for you, when selecting wines for a drinking and investment plan.

The minimum monthly payment for a Drinking & Investment cellar is £250.

Planning a Cellar for Investment

If you are creating a cellar for investment purposes, you can be confident we will do our utmost to ensure success using the latest information. We will only buy wines that have a proven record in the secondary market.

We strongly advise that you allow us complete control over wine selections as the investment market centres on very specific wines. Of course, we will keep you fully informed of your purchases and will be happy to advise you when you should sell. You can see an example of cellars for investment here.

The minimum monthly payment for an Investment cellar is £250.