Cellar Plan Payments

Monthly Payments

Berry Bros. & Rudd Cellar Plan offers you an affordable and enjoyable way to build a wine collection. To spread the cost, your Cellar Plan is funded by monthly Direct Debits, from just £100. This is a regular payment and money will accrue in your account until sufficient funds are available to purchase new wines. This method also gives you additional protection under The Direct Debit Guarantee offered by all banks and building societies.

One-off Payments

Many plan holders choose to pay an initial lump sum to get their cellar off to a good start and you can change your monthly payment or make additional payments at any time to boost your stocks. This may be done online or by telephone, whichever is most convenient for you.

Buying Wines for your Cellar

Wines will normally be purchased twice a year, when sufficient funds have accrued in your account. We'll make selections based on your wine preferences, the amount of your monthly contribution and what is already in your cellar, so that wines are chosen to ensure your wine collection is well-balanced with plenty of options for short and long term drinking. We will make purchases only after you have agreed to our recommendations - unless you inform us otherwise or have signed up for an Investment Cellar Plan.

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