Wine Investment Policy & Guidelines

Berry Bros. & Rudd has a strict policy on wine investments, it is as follows:

  • We do advise on the quality of wine, on wine's potential longevity and consequently its suitability for inclusion in a cellar.
  • We can offer informed advice on current valuations of particular wines or vintages and trends within the market, since our opinion can be backed by concrete evidence of recent transactions of these wines, providing a definitive point of reference.
  • We can offer our opinion, based purely on our extensive experience and on demonstrable market history, on whether a particular wine will appreciate in value over a period of time, stressing that many factors can influence the price in that time, for good or bad.
  • We do not give financial advice or advice on investments.
  • We do not offer any guarantees on a particular wine’s monetary appreciation potential.
  • For customers seeking financial advice on the above two issues we recommend you contact an IFA. (Independent Financial Advisor)

To discuss this further, please contact our Fine Wine Department.
9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday
Tel: +44 (0)203 301 2883

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