Agiorgitiko (aka Aghiorghitiko, Mavro Nemeas and St. George) is one of the two most widely-grown and commercially well-established red wine grape varieties in Greece, the other being Xynomavro. The Nemea AOC wine region of the Peloponnese is the bastion of the grape.

The resulting wine can take on a diverse range of characteristics, from soft, easy-drinking and plummy to fleshy, robustly tannic and age-worthy, depending on the yields, the location (elevation/aspect) of the vineyards and the winemaking processes.

The differences between low-yield, high-lying and high-yield, low-lying vineyards are so pronounced, that there has been a call for a super-appellation in Peloponesse, “High Nemea” (which rises to an altitude of 800 metres) to make these quality distinctions within the Nemea appellation zone more clear.

At their best Agiorgitiko wines possess "good" tannins in abundance which make it an outstanding candidate for both barrel ageing and carbonic maceration. With respect to the stylistic expression and blending potential, Agiorgitiko compares most closely with Merlot.

It can be vinified as a single varietal, though it is frequently blended with Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. The hallmarks of the grape are low acidity, medium body, plush fruitiness, overlaid by notes of spices and ripe plum.

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