Petit Manseng

Petit Manseng

Petit Manseng, sometimes translated as “Small Manseng” or rarely “Little Manseng,” is a white wine grape variety primarily grown in South West France. The grape derives its name from its small, thick-skinned berries. Among the Manseng family of grapes, Petit Manseng produces the highest quality wine. It thrives in regions such as Gascony, Jurançon, and around Madiran (for Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh).

Petit Manseng grapes are known for their stone fruit flavours, particularly peach and apricot, but can also exhibit hints of citrus and sweet spice. Winemakers often leave the grapes on the vine until December to produce a late-harvest dessert wine. These nearly raisin-like grapes yield rich, sweet wines with concentrated flavours.

While traditionally associated with France, Petit Manseng has drawn interest in New World wine regions. California, North Georgia, Virginia, and Ohio have started exploring this grape variety, and its popularity is expected to follow a similar trajectory to Viognier among white wine enthusiasts.

The variety goes by various synonyms, including Escriberou, Ichiriota Zuria Tipia (in Spain), Mansein, Mansenc Blanc, Miot, and more.

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