Syrah & Merlot

Syrah & Merlot

The Syrah & Merlot wine blend combines the unique characteristics of both grapes to create a harmonious and balanced wine.

Syrah is a bold and robust grape variety known for its deep colour, rich flavours, and strong tannins. It typically offers intense aromas of dark fruits such as blackberry, blueberry, and plum, along with notes of pepper, spices, and sometimes a touch of smokiness. The wines are often full-bodied, with a firm structure and a long, persistent finish.

Merlot, on the other hand, is generally considered a softer and more approachable grape variety. It produces wines that are medium to full-bodied with velvety textures. Merlot is known for its juicy flavours of ripe red fruits like cherry and raspberry and hints of chocolate, herbs, and sometimes floral notes. It tends to have milder tannins compared to Syrah.

When blended, Syrah and Merlot can complement each other's strengths and create a more complex and well-rounded wine. The softness, fruitiness, and elegance of Merlot can balance Syrah's structure, intensity, and spiciness. The result is often a wine with a deep, concentrated colour, a rich bouquet of fruits and spices, a medium to full body, and a smooth, velvety texture.

The proportions of Syrah and Merlot in the blend can vary depending on the winemaker's preference and the desired style of the wine. In some cases, Syrah may dominate the blend, adding power and intensity, while Merlot contributes smoothness and approachability. In other blends, the proportions may be more equal, aiming for both varieties' balanced and harmonious expression.

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