Vilana White

Vilana White

Vilana is the most widely-planted white cultivar on the island of Crete, in fact it is rarely seen outside of this region as it is notoriously delicate to handle. It is prone to oxidize and quality is greatly affected by vineyard elevation, orientation and yields.

This is a grape that archetypally yields dry, thirst-quenching whites, appealing, with fresh notes of granny smith apple, citrus and dry herbs, soft acidity and medium alcohol. The broad, easy-going character of the wine allows it to pair well with a large number of sometimes contrasting dishes with meat/fish, cheese and salad– a typical theme of the local cuisine in Crete.

Ambitious producers have also released small quantities of premium, oak-aged bottlings. Two examples, Mediterra Anassa wine & Lyrarakis' Estate Cuvée Grand Colline (both blends with Sauvignon Blanc) showcase the qualities of Vilana.

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