Zibibbo, also known as Muscat of Alexandria, belongs to the broader Muscat grape family and is renowned for its aromatic qualities. While it shares its heritage with other Muscat varieties, Zibibbo has unique characteristics and is still cultivated in several wine regions worldwide.

The variety is grown in various wine regions, including Australia and South Africa, where it thrives in warm climates. Additionally, it has a presence in the wine regions of Samos in Greece, the island of Pantelleria in southern Italy, and sweet wines produced around Málaga, Spain. In Spain, it is sometimes blended with Pedro Ximénez grapes.

While Zibibbo may have less aromatic intensity than Moscato Bianco (also known as Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains), it is still highly aromatic. It is noted for its delightfully fresh grape aromas and sweet overtones. These characteristics make it a valuable grape variety for producing aromatic and flavorful wines.

The variety’s versatility is reflected in the different styles of wine it can produce. It is considered prime material for sweet wines, where its natural sweetness and aromatic profile can shine. It is often used to make sweet dessert wines. Additionally, it can be used to produce steel-fermented dry table wines, which showcase a different side of the grape’s character. Less frequently, Zibibbo is also used to make spumante, a light sparkling wine.

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