Our neighbours in St James’s

There’s nowhere quite like St James’s – a London neighbourhood with its own distinct DNA. Once the preserve of the fashionable gentleman, it has retained (and refined) its unique atmosphere. Its venerable independent businesses each have a remarkable story to tell.

As part of the Autumn/Winter issue of No.3 magazine, we visited our neighbours to shine a light on those stories. From hatter to cheesemonger, pharmacist to shoemaker, we’re incredibly proud to stand alongside our distinguished neighbours.

Below, you’ll find a taste of what lies behind their doors.


Lock & Co


As part of our series for the autumn/winter issue of No.3 magazine, we meet Roger Stephenson, deputy chairman, Lock & Co, to discover more about the oldest hat shop in the world.

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Paxton & Whitfield


Continuing our journey around St James’s for No.3 magazine, we talk to our neighbour and renowned cheesemonger Paxton & Whitfield.

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Truefitt & Hill


We step inside our neighbour Truefitt & Hill, the home of luxury grooming in St James’s, to find out more about where the most stylish gents go to be coiffed.

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DR Harris


We meet Alison Moore, the pharmacist behind the counter at DR Harris. This St James’s institution has been serving customers for more than two centuries.

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John Lobb


We step inside John Lobb, shoemakers to St James's most well-heeled gentlemen, to see how the family continues to create the finest handmade footwear.

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Alessandro Palazzi


We speak to the legendary manager of Dukes Bar about the unique charm of working in St James's.

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