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No.3 magazine: journeys

The Spring/Summer 2024 edition of our No.3 magazine explores the theme of “journeys”. We chart the idea of the journey in its many guises: adventures in wine regions across the globe, evolutions in language and technology, and the beginning of a bright new chapter at Berry Bros. & Rudd with the opening of our Spirits Shop.

A bottled history of spirits


We opened the doors to our new Spirits Shop at No.1 St James’s Street this spring. As we embark on a thrilling new journey, we pause to look back on a bottled history of spirits at Berry Bros. & Rudd.

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In high spirits


We worked with a host of award-winning architects, designers and builders to bring our new store to life. Meet some of the key people behind this thrilling new venture.

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A journey along the Loire River


Buyer Adam Bruntlett reflects on his own journey in the Loire, which started with a school trip to Saumur more than two decades ago.

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Out from the shadows


The English wine industry has achieved great success over the last 30 years following the principles of Champagne. But now, English producers are asserting themselves on their own terms.

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