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Drinking Well 325th anniversary special


For this anniversary special, celebrating 325 years of Berry Bros. & Rudd, Barbara Drew MW is joined by eighth-generation family member and Creative Director Geordie Willis and Adam Holden, Director to the Chair’s Office, to uncover one of the greatest wine collections in the world: the Family Reserve. Recorded within the Family Reserve cellar itself, this episode explores how this fascinating wine collection has evolved, the complexities of managing such a vast cellar and some of the special bottles within.



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About Geordie Willis

Geordie Willis is an eighth-generation family member and our Creative and Brand Experiences Director. His first role at Berry Bros. & Rudd, over 20 years ago, was in the cellars. Today he oversees our home at No.3 St James’s Street, from the events spaces to the shop, always seeking to promote the best of our hospitality. He can still identify any bottle of wine by the foil.

About Adam Holden

Adam has worked at Berry Bros. & Rudd since 2007, when he first joined as Manager of the London Shop. Now in the unique role of Director to the Chair’s Office, he works closely with Lizzy Rudd, our Chair. His time is largely spent advancing our sustainability commitments, but he remains a dedicated wine enthusiast, particularly for artisan producers with a commitment to the natural environment.



Many of the wines mentioned in this episode are from vintages that are either no longer available for sale, or now past their best. Nevertheless, it is possible to find beautiful mature examples of some of these wines on our fine wine exchange, BBX. All wines on BBX are stored in our own warehouse, provenance assured, and are covered by the Berry Bros. & Rudd quality guarantee.



Château Montrose, Bordeaux

A classic St Estèphe producer, wines from Montrose can age phenomenally well. The property is also a leader in sustainable winemaking in Bordeaux, one of the first wineries to capture the carbon dioxide emitted during the fermentation process and reuse it.

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Trimbach, Alsace

Even older than Berry Bros. & Rudd, Trimbach was founded in 1626 and is renowned for its exquisite dry but elegant Rieslings. The iconic Clos Ste Hune comes from a small vineyard just outside Hunawihr, and can age for decades.

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Hine, Cognac

Recognised as particular masters in creating Cognacs from the Grande Champagne region, Hine also specialise in single-cask expressions. These represent specific vintages and plots, and demonstrate a rare delicacy, poise and elegance amongst the more heavyweight styles of the region.

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Descendientes de J Palacios, Bierzo

This estate in Bierzo, in northwest Spain, is run by Alvaro and Ricardo Palacios, and was named for Alvaro’s father. The focus is on the local Mencia grape, which produces wines with distinctive herb and floral aromas, dense fruit characters and uplifting acidity.

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Frog’s Leap, USA

Based in the heart of Napa, in Rutherford, Frog’s Leap has a strong commitment to sustainability, and biodynamic approaches. The wines are both delicious and balanced, avoiding the heady alcohol levels that some Napa wines exhibit, and can age magnificently.

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Yarra Yering, Australia

One of the oldest wineries in Australia’s Yarra Valley, Yarra Yering makes restrained red wines from Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. In contrast to the often rich and overripe styles from elsewhere in Australia, these wines share many similarities with Bordeaux and Rhône reds, developing exquisite savoury flavours as they age.

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In this episode we look at a wine collection that spans many decades, and covers all the classic fine wine regions of the world. Geordie and Adam discuss the joys of opening perfectly mature bottles of wine, and the foresight needed to build a collection that is fit for the future. If this has inspired you to start your own wine collection, then our Collecting Hub has everything you need, from answers to the most frequently asked questions, to mature wines to drink whilst you wait for your wine collection to develop.


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