Dewars Distillers

Dewars Distillers

Dewar’s is a famous and widespread brand of blended whisky drawn from distilleries such as Royal Brackla and Craigellachie. However, it is Aberfeldy that allegedly makes up the greater part of the Dewar’s whisky blend.

The company was founded in 1846 by John Dewar, Sr. before passing into the control of his two sons. Ownership currently belongs to Bacardi.

Dewar’s markets the Aberfeldy single malt, along with its blends, the most famous of which is the Dewar’s White Label, which is unusually drunk most commonly in a pint glass, mixed with tap water.

Dewar’s claims to utilise a unique method in its whisky production: double aging, which involves taking the matured spirit at the point where it would normally be bottled and instead placing it in a specifically designated vintage cask for further maturation.

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