Bodega Bouza

Bodega Bouza

Situated near Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, Bodega Bouza was established in 2000 by the Bouza family, who have a long history in agriculture.

The estate boasts around 35 hectares of vineyards, where they cultivate a variety of grape types, including the emblematic Tannat and Merlot, Tempranillo, and Chardonnay, among others. The vineyards benefit from Uruguay's favourable climate and the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which helps regulate temperatures and contributes to developing unique flavours in the grapes.

The winery combines traditional and modern winemaking techniques to create their wines. They blend age-old methods with cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality and expression of their terroir in every bottle.

Bodega Bouza's Tannat wines have garnered international recognition for their depth, complexity, and balanced tannins. Their portfolio also includes a diverse range of red and white wines, each showcasing the distinct characteristics of the grape varieties and the unique Uruguayan terroir.

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