Courvoisier is among the four leading cognac houses in the world, and is famously claimed to have been the preferred drink of Napoleon Bonaparte.

While the Courvoisier brand was not officially established until 1835, the history of the cognacs made by the Courvoisier family stretches back to Bercy in 1809 where they created and supplied wines and cognacs for the Paris market. It is said that the reputation of the Courvoisier’s brandies grew very quickly, even warranting a visit from the Emperor himself. According to popular legend, when Napoleon was exiled after the Battle of Waterloo it was Courvoisier cognac that he chose as his one luxury item – something much appreciated by the English officers he was with who nicknamed it ‘The Brandy of Napoleon’. It was on the strength of this reputation with the English that the Courvoisier brand was born. Throughout the following centuries the Courvoisier brand continued to grow its reputation as a cognac of true distinction and it has also became well-known for its innovations in the process of cognac making itself.

Courvoisier today is based in the very heart of the cognac region – the perfect location for ensuring meticulous care is taken over every step of the process. Their Ugni Blanc grapes are harvested at the peak of ripeness from the four finest crus of the cognac region: Fins Bois, Petite Champagne, Grande Champagne, and Borderies. The fine grained woods used for casking are purposefully grown and painstakingly hand toasted to ensure that only the purest flavours end up in the final product. Distilling is also done in the traditional method, in small Alembic Charentais copper pot stills and distilling with the lees. The eaux-de-vie produced is and then aged over the years, to allow the product to interact with the oak and the air. Finally, the master blender tests each eau-de-vie and brings together harmonious notes to produce a perfect marriage into a cognac.

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