Domaine des Terres Falmet

Domaine des Terres Falmet

Yves Falmet is a serious young man and wine maker, completely dedicated to the principles of biodynamic viticulture, whereby one is led by the moon, the stars and the tides and one fertilizes only with natural so-called preparations, made to special recipies form products such as dandelion, chamomile and cardamon.

If this sounds somewhat romantic and idealised, that is because it probably is! Romantic but also rather expensive….Nonetheless the results, as with other famous biodynamic producers, can be outstanding. The intoxication of the heights seems a rather clumsy translation for the name of this wine;

the heights presumably referring to the location of these old vines, the intoxication bit being probably self-explanatory. In French it apparently also means ‘mountain sickness’, although the malady in question clearly has not afflicted these very healthy grapes and their impressively old vines.

His L'Ivresse des Cimes blend from the St. Chinian appellation, is made up of (a third each) of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. Biodynamic farming as described above, allied to the lack of oak in the maturation, have ensured a product that is pure and aromatically refined. 

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