Cossart Gordon

Cossart Gordon

Cossart Gordon & Co . was established in 1745 and it is the oldest company in the Madeira wine trade. The founders originated from Scotland; Francis Newton, joined by his younger brother Thomas, Thomas Gordon of Balmaghie and Thomas Murdoch.

In 1808, the Scottish dominance over the firm was broken with the arrival of William Cossart, an Irishman descended from the distinguished Hugnenot family of France. At the end of the 19th century the firm had expanded by including Port, Sherry, Marsala and Malaga to their wine portfolio. These businesses continued until the out break of World War II when the firm decided to concentrate solely on Madeira.

Their current portfolio includes, among others, Malmsey, Verdehlo, Sercial and Bual Madeiras . Their Frasqueira Vintage Madeiras are aged in cask for a minimum of 20 years before being bottled under the supervision of the Madeira Wine Institute. The Frasqeiras receive then an additional two years bottle ageing before release.

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