Domaine Des Hauts Chassis

Crozes Hermitage is a diverse appellation; nowhere near as diverse as St Joseph across the River, but sufficiently heterogeneous to cover several different terroirs, which results, unsurprisingly, in differing styles of wines. Logically, the Domaines located the closest to the famous granitic slab that is the hill of Hermitage are likely to capture some of the style and majesty of this famous appellation. And Domaine des Hauts Chassis has done just that, its vines located in an eponymous lieu dit to the north of Roche De Glun, and facing the HQ of the once great House of Jaboulet.

Frank Faugier
is a vigneron of the old school, only modestly successful at self-promotion. And it is for this reason, I surmise, that his wines have never before been imported to the UK, because in terms of style and quality they are absolutely fantastic, combining the edgy earthy grip with the generosity of ripe blackberry fruit, which should be the calling card of great Crozes.

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