Domaine de Fontbonau

Domaine de Fontbonau is a relatively new wine estate but one which will soon gain recognition and extensive plaudits. Located to the North East of Avignon, in the historically significant Enclave des Papes, the property covers 42 hectares near to the wine villages of Valréas and Visan. Fontboneau is a joint venture between Roussillon vigneron Jérôme Malet and Fréderic Engerer, hitherto somewhat better known as the Président of Chateau Latour in Bordeaux.
The terroir is classic Southern Rhône; fine clay, sand, silt and the odd scattering of galets (these pudding stones are the residues of Alpine glacial deposits). The vines are located at an altitude of 350 metres and are planted with Grenache (mainly) but also Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2009 a few white grapes (Roussanne and Viognier were planted). Some of the Grenache grapes are over 70 years old.
The aspiration is to achieve a high quality wine, indeed to produce the best Côtes Du Rhône in the world. All the work in the vineyard (de facto organic) and in the winery (sorting tables, especially built fermentation vats, new barrels etc) are working towards this aim.

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