The unusual-sounding blend of the red Syrah with the white Viognier finds its origins in the Cote Rotie vineyards of the Northern Rhone. There it was more a case of accidental co-planting than any purposeful design, but the result was so successful that it is now done systematically and is being replicated elsewhere in the world.

The aim is to use a smidgeon of the perfumed, floral Viognier to mitigate the deep, dark, brooding power of the Shiraz. The name is, of course, a play on words relating to the wines of Crozes Hermitage, one of the best-known vineyards of the Northern Rhone. 

Their  Stone The Crows Shiraz & Viognier  wine, however, is far from frivolous. Sanderling Vineyards , based in Victoria, produce the wine, which is matured entirely in tank, with no oak influence, and is a blend of grapes drawn from several sources in South-east Australia.

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