Cerutti, Piedmont

Cerutti, Piedmont

Gianmario Cerutti's family own 6ha of prime sandy calcareous soils at Cassinasco, 350 metres above sea level overlooking the Moscato d'Asti capital of Canelli in the Langhe Astiani. The family started to vinify their fruit in the 1930s before the first bottling in the '70s. Gianmario graduated from Alba's viticultural school Umberto 1 in 1992 & began working at the Coppo winery in 1997. His father now breeds prize-winning canaries so the cantina shrills to birdsong.

Over 50% of the property is devoted to growing Moscato, on one site: the Suri Sandrinet vineyard which is both high, sunny & perfectly ventilated. They also have just over a hectare of Barbera, some Dolcetto & Chardonnay.

Gianmario's Moscato d'Asti combines sweet (125 grams RS) frothy liquid meringue appeal with crystalline acidity; his Barbera d'Asti is unoaked and silky ripe for early drinking while the Monferrato Chardonnay (to become Piemonte Chardonnay DOC) is lemony ripe & precise.

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