Ch. de Pressac

Ch. de Pressac

Château de Pressac is located in the commune of Saint-Étienne-de-Lisse. Situated on the limestone plateau stretching from Saint-Emilion to Belves-de-Castillon. The Pressac wine estate stands 80m above the level of the Dourdogne river and covers 42 hectares (105 acres).

In 1775, the medieval château was sold by the Sieur d'Anglade to Jean-Marc Constantin, captain of the regiment of Marmande, at which time a vineyard existed. The fortified manor house was renovated several times and it was initially founded in the Middle Ages. Towards the beginning of the Renaissance, it was an imposing building with no less than twenty five towers, some of which remain in existence today as vestiges. 

From 1737 to 1747, Vassal of Montviel planted a noble grape variety originating from the Quercy called the Auxerrois. Many in the neighbourhood did the same and the grape soon became known as the Noir de Pressac. Years later, the Sieur Malbek took it to the Médoc, and the variety took on the name "Malbec".

In 1860, Maximi Josselin bought the estate from the Constantin family and undertook large-scale reconstruction and renovation work on the château and its outbuildings.

In 1997, Jean Francois and Dominique Quenin acquired the property, carrying out for their part substantial improvements and extensions of the vineyard. They have in particular replanted on the steeper slopes, once ploughed by oxen, creating narrow terraces in contour lines. The cellars were completely redesigned and renovated in 1999.

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