Vista Hermosa

Vista Hermosa

The cool climate zones of Chile are one of the few places, outside Burgundy, where one might hope for the famously capricious Pinot Noir to perform well, when, of course, it is handled with suitable deference and with a suitably marginal metrological backdrop.

Vista Hermosa is situated in the valleys of Casablanca and Leyda, located in the North-West of the country and both of which are which are regarded as hile’s quintessential cool climate wine regions for the fashioning of elegant wines of both colours.

The vineyards of Hermosa are significantly influenced by the cold Pacific Humbolt current, which runs down the length of Chile, where cool air is pulled in by the warmer central valley, thus providing a natural coolness throughout the growing season. Hermosa focuses on traditional viticultural principles in order to reflect commitment to winemaking as an expression of terrior, and in the winery there is no oak ageing and a regime of minimal intervention to ensure clarity and purity of fruit expression.

The resulting wine is an honest and seductive statement of finely constructed new World Pinot Noir which combines bright acidity and silky red-fruits. The fruit is intense without overwhelming, the structure generous without being jammy. 

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