Warwick Wine Estate

Warwick is one of South Africa’s foremost wine estates and owes its name to Colonel William Alexander Gordon, Commanding Officer of the Warwickshire Regiment during the Boer War.

After the war he decided not to return to the UK but instead bought this farm, naming it in honour of his regiment. In 1964 the estate was bought by Stanley and Norma Ratcliffe, who had searched long and hard to find a farm suitable for the production of high-quality wine, and the estate remains in the same family ownership today.

Norma, who had no previous experience of wine-making, began to study the subject in depth and proved so talented at it that she rapidly acquired a reputation as one of the country’s most skilled practitioners.

She remains very much at the heart of the business,and holds a special place in the affections of South African wine enthusiasts and professionals. Managing Director Mike Ratcliffe is renowned in South African wine circles, not just because he produces quality wines here, but because of his wider role in promoting the country’s wines, and he sits on a number of industry bodies, too.

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