The Wine Merchant's Glasses

"The 'Merchant’s Champagne glass' is feather-light, elegant and allows complex flavours to play to the full."  Victoria Moore - The Daily Telegraph

Almost eighty years on from my grandfather’s original designs, I have reinterpreted the range for the modern table. We use larger glasses nowadays, and are aware that different designs of bowl accentuate the flavours of different styles of wine.

We have kept the cornerstone of his range – his ‘Large Wine Glass’ (my Port & Sauternes Glass) – and from its perfect proportions designed a range which includes two red wine glasses, two white wine glasses, a Champagne glass and a Whisky & Water glass. Our Masters of Wine have helped to ensure that each glass is fit for purpose. Contrary to other manufacturers, who would have you believe that you need a different glass for every style of wine, we contend that this range of seven glasses will be enough for any wine and any occasion. And although we’ve named the glasses after familiar French regions for ease of reference, you’ll find that rounded Italian red wines – from the Nebbiolo or Sangiovese grapes, for example – will taste wonderful from The ‘Red Burgundy’ Glass.

Francis Berry believed that it was possible to enhance your pleasure of wine by using better glassware instead of buying more expensive bottles. This range proves his point to perfection. Read more on the story of The Wine Merchant's Glasses

Simon Berry, Chairman

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