The Wine Merchant's Glasses

The Wine Merchant's Glasses

Our range of exclusive glasses is produced by John Jenkins & Sons Ltd, a family business with a long-established reputation as one of the finest manufacturers of high-quality bespoke glassware. The objective is quite simple: to produce a small range of glasses which, firstly, look supremely elegant on the table and, secondly, deliver wine to the palate of the consumer in a way that maximises its enjoyment. We also, however, wanted to ensure that our glasses were practical for modern life (with the ability to survive the turbulence of dishwashers) and hardy enough to withstand the odd scrape with destiny.

When developing the range, John Jenkins consulted our world-class events team and expert Buyers, ensuring that each glass lived up to our very high standards. The final five designs were individually approved by Simon Berry (Chairman 2005-17), and – to confirm our seal of approval – these are the glasses that we ourselves use, from professional tastings at our offices to any event that you may attend in the cellars at No.3 St James’s Street.

Francis Berry (Simon Berry’s grandfather and the first Berry to produce a range of glasses) believed that it was possible to enhance your pleasure of wine by using better glassware instead of buying more expensive bottles. This range proves his point to perfection.

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