Celler de Capcanes

Celler Capçanes is situated in the village of Capçanes in the Priorato hills, just outside the Priorat wine region, and officially in the Montsant wine region. The business started in the 1930s when, as a co-operative, five families combined resources to produce all of the wines of the village together.

Capçanes really rose to prominence when a switch was made to focus on high quality, domaine-produced and bottled wines and, since 1995, has taken its current mantle as one of the region’s most up-and-coming producers. When Capçanes’ superb terroir, consisting of clay, slate, limestone and sandy soils were put to the test, the results were a revelation. Berry's Fine Wine Team was extremely impressed after tasting the Celler Capçanes wines in 2012, and we are delighted to proud to have included them to our Spanish wine range.

One of their unique wines is a mono-varietal Pinot Noir. The grape is rarely encountered from Iberia, Capçanes make a strong case for it to be planted more widely.Cabrida Garnatxa is an old-vine Grenache with impressive depth, whilst Peraj Ha’abib is an intriguing blend of old bush vine Garnacha, Samso and Cabernet Sauvignon character.

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