Domaine Bourillon Dorleans

Domaine Bourillon Dorleans

Frédéric Bourillon produces Vouvray of enormous charm and complexity.  Based at Rochecorbon just outside Tours, the domain was founded by Gaston Dorléans in 1921 and it has been consolidated by Frédéric Bourillon Dorléans, the fourth generation.

The 26.5 hectares of 30 year old Chenin Blanc vineyards are finely perched on the northern bank of the Loire, on clay-rich over limestone rock soils. Fréd practises ‘lutte raisonée’ (minimal intervention viticulture). Vinification employs 15-20% French barriques while ageing takes place in ideal conditions courtesy of 900 metres of 15th century troglodyte chalk cellars deep underground.

Most of the vineyards are in one piece surrounding the Château de Montgouverne, an attractive 18th century mansion on the plateau dominating the right bank of the Loire. The cellars are typical of Vouvray : 15th century caves orquarries carved out of the hillside to provide stone for building the Châteaux of the Loire.

Frédéric's dry Vouvray is crisp and clean with a perfect balance. Many dry Vouvrays are acid cand aggressive but, due to low yields, he obtains a richness and concentration that balances well with the acidity.

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