Cavalleri, Lombardy

Cavalleri, Lombardy

The Cavalleri family has owned land in the centre of the Franciacorta zone, in Erbusco, Lombardia, since 1450, as evidenced by a deed preserved in the family archive.In the same archive is stored a deed of purchase of the vineyard Rampaneto in 1842, even today the cru, and also the project concerning the division of inheritance (1904) of Nob. Cav.Giuseppe Paolo Cavalleri among his sons Attilio and Giovanni. This act shows a structure suitable for a production winery already important at the time, although until 1967, the year of recognition of Franciacorta DOC, white wines and red wines produced were sold in bulk.

After the advent of ‘Disciplinare del Franciacorta’ Cavalleri started to bottle from 1968 and the company acquired its present name "Gian Paolo e Giovanni Cavalleri". Gian Paolo & Giovanni, father and son realized the new cellar, leaving the historical properties within the family mansion, today the city hall of Erbusco. In the new winery, in 1979, the first 6000 bottles of Franciacorta, which in those days could still be called ‘method champenoise’. The 1980s witnessed investment in a new cantina and in more vineyards, taking the total to 45ha.

In 1990 Giovanni Cavalleri with other enlightened producers of Franciacorta, founded the Consorzio Volontario di Franciacorta, in which he had also played the role of president. In all these years the family, Maria and Giulia, daughters of Giovanni, joined the company and lately also grandchildren Francesco and Diletta, with the cooperation of the sales manager Aldo Pagnoini and the winemaker Giampaolo Turra, developed with care and commitment the house style. It’s a style that’s ripe, pure, natural but also dry, incorporating relatively low levels of pressed juice, low levels of liqueur/sweet dosage, and low sulphur. They also partially ferment in large barrels of slavonian oak, as opposed to the more common use of barriques. The results are excellent.

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