Champagne Besserat de Bellefon

Besserat de Bellefon has its origins in 1843 when Edmond Besserat, founded his Champagne House in Aÿ. The marriage in 1920 of a descendant (another Edmond) to a certain Yvonne de Méric de Bellefon of Champagne nobility sealed the creation of Besserat de Bellefon.

Their fame in Paris especially was borne of a challenge issued to the House, by the Manager of the Parisian Restaurant La Samaritaine de Luxe in 1930, to create a Champagne with a creamy mouthfeel suitable to pair with his gastronomic creations. Thus was born the Cuvée des Moines, which owes the creamy style demanded to the use of less sugar in the liqueur de tirage to create a lower pressure (4.5 atmospheres) versus the conventional 6 atmospheres found in most champagnes, thus producing softer mousse.

In 2009, Besserat de Bellefon unveiled its Cuvée des Moines Extra Brut, which with the House’s characteristic high proportion of Meunier combined with very little added sugar in the dosage maintains their pure style. For their 170th anniversary, the Cellar Master, Cédric Thiébault, created their BdeB Cuvée. Concentrating on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a touch of oak from the Champagne forest of Argonne, it maintains the House style: pure, creamy, gastronomic.

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