BK Wines

BK Wines source parcels of fruit from some the most exciting growers in the region. The company was set up by New Zealanders Brendon and Kirstyn Keys, who travelled extensively before making wine in the Adelaide Hills. Brendon worked as an assistant for Paul Hobbs in California before being sent to Argentina to set up Hobbs’ project there. It was from Hobbs that Brendon learned that attention to the smallest detail and relentless hygiene in the winery is essential to making fine wine. The latter is particularly important in order to maintain definition and structure with a low-intervention philosophy. Finding the New Zealand vineyard scene weighed heavily in favour of large-scale projects, they moved to Australia to set up shop for themselves. Not lacking for sunlight and sugar, Brendon picks purely on acidic ripeness and works in very close conjunction with his growers at every step of the season.

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