Gembrook Hill

Gembrook Hill

We are absolutely delighted to able to represent Gembrook Hill in the UK. Planted in 1983 by Ian and June Marks in the southern-most part of the Yarra Valley on what was originally a potato farm. This part of the Yarra Valley has deep, volcanic soils and a wet, cool climate with an average annual rainfall of 400 mm, not requiring irrigation. Grapes ripen late, almost a month after the lower Yarra. The vines were planted to form a natural amphitheatre and were all planted on their own roots.

Gembrook Hill is a small estate comprising 5ha of vineyards and the yields are small at 700 l/ha. The first wine was produced in 1989 and the winery constructed in 2000. Winemaker Andrew Marks’s philosophy is to make ‘smashable’ wines, as he puts it. By this he means wines that are light and elegant and easy to drink. Despite being smashable, the Gembrook wines offer some of the finest expression of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from this part of Australia.

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