Domaine du Clos Naudin

Domaine du Clos Naudin

Located in the Loire Valley, France, Domaine du Clos Naudin has a rich winemaking history and is recognized for its exceptional wines, particularly Vouvray, made from Chenin Blanc.

The domaine was established by Gaston Huet in 1928. Gaston was a visionary winemaker who saw the potential of the Vouvray region for producing high-quality Chenin Blanc wines. Over the years, he acquired prime vineyard sites in Vouvray and meticulously cared for his vines.

The vineyards are located in the Vouvray appellation within the Loire Valley. Vouvray is known for its unique terroir, characterized by limestone-rich soils and "tuffeau," which imparts distinctive mineral qualities to the wines. The region's cool climate and diverse microclimates contribute to the finesse and complexity of the Chenin Blanc grapes grown here.

Domaine du Clos Naudin primarily produces wines from Chenin Blanc, Vouvray's signature grape variety. They craft various Vouvray wines, including sparkling (Méthode Traditionnelle) and still wines, ranging from dry to sweet. Their wines are known for their ability to age gracefully, and many of their cuvées can develop remarkable complexity and richness over time.

The winemaking philosophy at Domaine du Clos Naudin emphasizes respect for the vineyard's unique terroir and the natural characteristics of the Chenin Blanc grape. They practice sustainable viticulture and minimal intervention in the winery to allow the wines to express the essence of Vouvray's exceptional terroir.

The domaine produces various wines, each offering a different expression of Vouvray's terroir and the Chenin Blanc grape. Their "Sec" (dry) and "Demi-Sec" (off-dry) wines exhibit a beautiful balance of fruit and acidity, while their "Moelleux" and "Doux" wines showcase the honeyed sweetness that Chenin Blanc can achieve in the right conditions.

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