Peachy Canyon

Peachy Canyon

Peachy Canyon was established by Doug and Nancy Beckett in 1988. It is situated just west of Paso Robles in the Central Valley region of California. They have 18 hectares of vineyards and produce a range of varietal wines, although they are particularly renowned for the individuality and vibrancy of their Zinfandels.

For the first 3 years only Zinfandel wines were produced, from fruit sourced from top vineyards in the area. The Becketts now have 14 hectares of Zinfandel vineyards. The Especial Zinfandel is widely recognised as one of the region`s finest and most consistent Zinfandels.

Zinfandel is California`s most distinctive red grape and is one of the few that is considered one of their "own", even though it originated in Europe.  Although it has been grown in California for well over a century, it took the popularity of white ("blush") Zinfandel in the mid-1980s to persuade growers to retain their Zinfandel vines and indeed to plant more.  Within 10 years, plantings had doubled and Red Zinfandel had become a Californian icon.  It is grown all across California though seems to perform best in meso-climates, which combine hot days and cool nights, epitomised by Paso Robles.

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