Aberfeldy Distillery, Highlands

Aberfeldy Distillery, Highlands

The Aberfeldy distillery lies on the south bank of the Tay River in the North of the Midlands in the very heart of Scotland. The name 'Aberfeldy' (just as any names with the prefixes 'Aber', 'Lhan', 'Pit' or 'Fin') implies the existence of a Pictish settlement in the nearby area. The tribe of Picts were the early settlers of Scotland before the arrival of the Celtic tribe from Ireland known as the 'Scotti'

Established in 1896 by John Dewar & Sons, Aberfeldy started operating in 1898. Tommy Dewar, one of the founders and a pioneer in the production of blend whisky, was the third person in Britain ever to buy a car, after Thomas Lipton (of the tea merchants) and the Prince of Wales. The distillery was essentially created with the single purpose of producing the malt needed for the production of Dewars&rsquo blends. The single malt from Aberfeldy enters in the composition of the famous blend Dewar's White Label, Scottish Leader, and Johnnie Walker.

The distillery business prospered (aside from a brief closure during the Second World War), aided by the fact that it was conveniently located near the Aberfeldy-Perth railway. In 1998, John Dewar & Sons (a Bacardi subsidiary) acquired Aberfeldy back from United Distillers (Diageo). Aberfeldy is still an important component in today's 'Dewar's' and 'White Label' blends. It is also known for making beautiful 12, 16 and 21-year-old expressions, alongside limited releases finished in a range of different casks.

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