Cognac Pasquet

Cognac Pasquet

Jean Luc Pasquet is a prominent figure in the world of Cognac production, renowned for his unwavering commitment to organic farming practices. His journey into organic agriculture commenced in 1998, making him a true pioneer in the Cognac industry. This dedication to sustainability and eco-conscious viticulture has set him apart and earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of Cognac’s foremost organic producers.

Pasquet’s approach to Cognac-making is deeply rooted in the concept of terroir. For him, the land and its unique characteristics are central to the production process. He believes that the soil, climate, and environment in which the grapes are grown impart distinctive qualities to the final spirit. As a result, his Cognacs are not merely a product of meticulous distillation; they are a genuine expression of the terroir from which they originate.

One of Pasquet’s signature styles is characterised by its terroir expressiveness. His Cognacs are celebrated for their ability to convey the true essence of the region and the specific vineyards where the grapes are cultivated. The result is a portfolio of Cognacs that exhibit a remarkable clarity and purity of flavour. They are often described as crisp and distillate-driven, emphasising the unadulterated essence of the grapes and the land they come from.

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