Sake is as much about fermentation and blending as it is about high-quality raw materials, so perhaps it is not surprising that a Champagne blender should find themselves in Japan making sake. IWA 5 is a project from former Chef de Cave for Dom Pérignon Richard Geoffrey, who has long held a great love for Japan and its culture.

Whilst many sakes are made using just one specific type of sake rice, IWA 5 uses three very different types of rice in the blend: Yamadanishiki, which lends finesse; Omachi which brings texture to the sake; and Gohyakumangoku, to bring the blend together.

Despite this blending, there is no standard recipe. Each year the blend (or assemblage, as it is known in the cellars of France) changes, with subtle tweaks to fermentation, yeast strains (multiple yeasts are used to add different flavours) and starter to make the finished product. Reserve sakes are also blended in to add richness and breadth.

As with the greatest Champagnes, IWA 5 can be cellared for many years, at low temperatures, subtly evolving and developing ever greater complexity.

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IWA 5, Assemblage 3, Shiraiwa K.K. Brewery, Toyama Prefecture, Sake
15.0% Alcohol
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