Braida was established by the late Giacomo Bologna. His father had owned a vineyard in Rocchetta Tanaro where he grew Barbera but he was not, by nature, a vigneron. By contrast Giacomo was passionate abut producing wine and early in life he began visiting the classic French wine regions to study the ways of the great French winemakers. He had a deep conviction that that Monferrato's typical red wine could become one of the world's finest and frequently compared the vineyards of Robbhetta Tanaro and the Barbera grape with the terroir of Burgundy and Pinot Noir.

In 1961 he produced his first Barbera, La Monella - a pure, slightly sparkling example of Barbera with ripe, concentrated fruits. Giacomo was the first to conclude that the Barbera would age superbly in small oak barrels. In the 1980s, his three crus were born - Uccellone, Bricco della Bigotta and Ai Suma.

Braida is also making a wine from the ancient Piedmontese grape variety, Grignolino, which thrives only on the sandy calcareous soils that are responsible for the region’s sparkling wines: those of Asti and Alessandria. And as with the region’s other star, Nebbiolo, the lighter the colour the more refined the wine.

The estate is now run by Giacomo's widow, Anna and his children, Beppe and Raffaella and while all the wines are highly acclaimed it is the Bricco dell'Uccellone which is now recognised as one of the classic crus of Italy.

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