Domaine Carre-Courbin

Domaine Carre Courbin is an exciting newcomer to our list. It is based in Beaune but with excellent vineyard sites in Volnay and Pommard. Previous generations of the Carré family have not produced much to get excited about but Philippe & Maëlle, who took over in 1995, and have since moved to much more serviceable premises in Beaune, have changed all that. Philippe looks after the vineyards and the élevage; his wife Maëlle is responsible for the vinification and the commercial side.

Philippe & Maëlle are rutheless in their pursuit of quality - Yields are severely restrictred and the wines are bottled as gently and naturally as possible. They produce some superb wines, beautifully representing the different vineyard characteristics. Tasting their Volnay and Pommard side by side gives a textbook illustration of the difference between these two neighbouring villages.The range of exciting red wines (plus a few barrels of white) is developing but quantities are very small.

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