Vignobles Lorgeril

Since 1620, the Pennautier and Lorgeril family have been the driving force of the Languedoc region, striving to create a 'Great Languedoc'. After World War I these two venerable families were joined by the marriage of Paule de Pennautier and Christian de Lorgeril.

The family estates were joined under the banner of Vignobles Lorgeril. In 1992 the management of Vignobles Lorgeril was taken over by Miren and Nicolas de Lorgeril, the tenth generation descendants all ten of whom have made wine. Their main aim has been to celebrate the terroir of the Languedoc and to produce great wines.

The Appellation Contrôlée of Cabardès is located at an altitude of 700-1000 metres in the southern foothills of the Montagne Noire, itself a geological and climatic cross-roads displaying both Atlantic and Mediterranean influences.

Viognier from this far south needs to indulge us by maintaining its signature fleshy richness but avoiding the trap of becoming too cloying and too weighty, in other words it needs to avoid becoming a caricature of itself. What we love in Viognier can also be its downfall; so we are always vigilant. Lorgeril's Viogner wines are impressive indeed and exceptionally good value when one compares it to the ever-increasing asking price of a Condrieu

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