Hophead Vodka

Hophead Vodka

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Hophead Vodka

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Founded in San Francisco more than 100 years ago, Anchor Brewing & Distilling remains an innovator in the beverage industry. Fritz Maytag, the pioneer of modern craft brewing, became the instrumental force behind the company’s resurrection in 1965 and sparked the modern craft spirits movement in the United States.

Inspired by the mesmerising aroma of hops that permeates the brewery and distillery, Head Distiller Bruce Joseph and Brewmaster Mark Carpenter, two of the original visionaries of the company, developed Hophead Vodka using small copper pot stills and two varieties of hops. The result is a vodka built on flavour, but not a “flavoured” vodka.

This craft spirit captures Yakima Valley hops’ fresh, aromatic character with notes of pine and citrus but without the typical bitterness. It’s unfiltered to retain maximum flavour and mouth-feel.

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Delivers all the delicate fragrance of the hops without the bitterness. 90 proof and unfiltered to maximize the flavor delivery and strength. Highly versatile and performs like a gin when sipped chilled or in a martini. Recommended as the base for a San Francisco Bloody Mary or a San Francisco Vesper, or serve as a chilled shot paired with Anchor Liberty Ale.

Anchor Distilling Company, San Fransisco, California

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Taking inspiration from their iconic craft beers and knowing there could be an interesting spirit using their small pot stills and a variety of hops from the distillery, head distiller Bruce Joseph and brew master Mark Carpenter developed Hophead Vodka. Distilled in small copper -pot stills and using only two varieties of hops, the result is Vodka built on flavour, but not “flavoured” Vodka. This premium craft spirit captures the fresh, aromatic characteristics of hops without the typical bitterness

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