Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Nicaragua Rum (40.5%)

Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Nicaragua Rum (40.5%)

Product: 10003082012
Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Range, Nicaragua Rum (40.5%)


Nicaragua rum is known for its approachable style and slow maturation, due to its cooler climate. Aromas of cocoa nibs, maple syrup and tobacco lead us into the undergrowth of the Nicaraguan rainforest. Touches of moss, overripe lime and camphor appear on the palate, while the finish persists with caramelised sugar and sweet wood. Truly, an enervating specimen.
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Own Range Rum

Own Range Rum

We take pride in blending only the most exceptional casks of fine Rum. Our own range encompasses the best that the Caribbean and Latin America has to offer. Carefully chosen from long established estates, our own range of Rum represent the intricacy and passion applied by skilled distillers in order to create what can only be called masterpieces.

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