Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Islay, Single Malt Scotch Whisky (45.3%)

Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Islay, Single Malt Scotch Whisky (45.3%)

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Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Islay, Single Malt Scotch Whisky (45.3%)

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Distilled in Islay, a small island off the west coast of Scotland, famous for its peated whisky style. The spirit was selected for its Lightly Smoky & Fruity style, making it the perfect match for maturation in the finest Traditional whisky casks, uncovering Richness & Complexity.

A soft peat smoke characterises this Islay single malt, setting the foundation for its rich, complex profile. This initial smokiness gently gives way to reveal fruity undertones, marked by the distinctive aroma of green orchard fruits. This interplay of flavours is further enriched by the natural sweetness of honeydew melon, coupled with comforting, sweet notes of malted barley. As you savour each sip, a weave of dried earthy tones emerges, capturing the spirit of the land from which it was born. The experience lingers with a mid-long finish, where the initial smokiness gently fades, leaving behind a memorable trail of fruity sweetness and crisp, dry earth.

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Tasting note

Our Classic Islay is a story in a glass, transporting me to a specific time and place—standing next to a roaring bonfire on the coast, with the sea air blowing off the water while cocooned in a warm favourite jumper. Nothing captures the taste of a place quite like Islay Whisky, of which this expression is an excellent example. With its rich, iconic smoke, honeyed fruit, and biscuity malt, it showcases the Islay style at its purest.

Joe Whittaker, BB&R Spirits Global Brand Ambassador, Berry Bros. & Rudd

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