Taste of Wine School, Six-Bottle Case

Taste of Wine School, Six-Bottle Case

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Taste of Wine School, Six-Bottle Case


If you want to learn more about wine, look no further. This case contains a complimentary copy of our Wine School’s award-winning book, Exploring & Tasting Wine (normally £30), as well as six bottles to get you started. The book provides an excellent introduction to the world of wine, broken down into six “sessions”.

Each of the six wines in this case has been chosen to support the first session, looking at the structure of wine. The first pair, the Chablis and Californian Chardonnay, will show the influence of climate on a wine’s acidity and fruit character. The second pair, a Mosel Riesling and Argentinian Malbec, will help you identify different alcohol levels in wine. The third and final pair – a Beaujolais and Nebbiolo d’Alba  – will offer a lesson in tannins.

Contains a copy of Exploring & Tasting Wine: A wine course with digressions and one bottle (75cl) of each of the following:

2017 Deltablock, Chardonnay, California, USA
2018 Berry Bros. & Rudd Chablis by Domaine du Colombier, Burgundy
2018 Berry Bros. & Rudd Mosel Riesling Kabinett by Selbach-Oster, Germany
2019 Berry Bros. & Rudd Argentinian Malbec by Pulenta, Mendoza
2017 Beaujolais, Vieilles Vignes, Domaine de la Rocaillère
2017 Nebbiolo d'Alba, Valmaggiore, Luciano Sandrone, Piedmont, Italy

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